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BBQ Tips


is the act of cooking food over a high temperature direct heat source for a fast cooking method.


(or Barbecue) is the act of cooking tougher cuts of meat over a low heat (180°-250°F) for long periods of time to breakdown the fibers in the muscle tissue.


can go hand in hand with grilling and BBQ but also goes in a class all by itself. With smoking alone, the temps are low (75°-250°F) and the purpose is to impart a flavor in the food. All types of food can be smoked and include but are not limited to: seafood, cheeses, deli meats and sausage.


– No one likes tough ribs with meat that has to be torn off the bone, this usually happens when you cook your ribs over direct heat. To make your ribs fall off the bone tender use the following suggestions:

  • Remove the membrane on the back of the ribs
  • Turn on one side only of your grill
  • Place the ribs on the other side of the grill (this allows the meat to be cooked by indirect heat)
  • Close the lid and cook for approx. 4 hours at 225° or until the meat has pulled back from the tip of the bone
  • Once meat is done coat with Redbarks #12 and place over flame to caramelize sauce on the meat.

Use a Meat thermometer

– Everyone thinks they have a surefire way to tell if your meat is done. But for each way there are a number of factors that cause them not to be accurate, these include: cut of meat, thickness, quality of meat, etc… The only way to be sure your meat is done the way you like it is to use a meat thermometer. See the chart below for the minimal internal temperatures that food must reach to be considered safe to eat.

Fresh ground beef, veal, lamb, pork

160° F

Beef, veal, lamb-roasts, steaks, chops

Medium rare 145° F
Medium 160° F
Well done 170° F
Fresh pork-roasts, steaks, chops  
Medium 160° F
Well done 170° F
Cook before eating 160° F
Fully cooked, to reheat 140° F
Ground Chicken, Turkey 165° F
Whole Chicken, Turkey 165° F
Breasts, roasts 165° F
Thighs and wings Cook until juices run clear.
Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird) 165° F
Egg dishes, casseroles 160° F
Leftovers 165° F
Information courtesy the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service