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  • Perfect BBQ Sauce for Ribs
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  • Perfect BBQ Sauce for Shrimp
  • Perfect BBQ Sauce for Chicken
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Born from a desire for a

sweet and spicy BBQ sauce

, with a smooth finish, Russell spent years perfecting what has been known as "

the sauce

" until now. With a desire to share his love of good meat and good sauce, and nagging from loyal "sauce" fans,

Redbarks Sauces

was born.

Our products are crafted and bottled right here in Arizona. With a unique blend of sugars and spices the

original #12

is sure to bring a different and enjoyable flavor to all your meats. If you prefer a little

more spice then #13

is for you, in fact #13 is often used on chicken wings. Both sauces have the perfect balance of sugar and spices to caramelize beautifully on your ribs and chicken without the use of vinegar or harsh chilies that can burn your mouth.

Our sauces are not just for

grilling and barbecuing meats, chicken, and seafood

. They are also excellent with
baked beans, chips, salads, chili, as a sandwich spread
, and much more. Replace the ketchup in your refrigerator with our sauces and
bring flavor to you foods